2# Naked Truths: Erika Ponce’s thoughts on ethics, women and the naked body

Erika Vanessa Ponce aka VERBSUS shared with us her thoughts on ethics, women and the naked body.


We’re living in a time where things are being distributed in a quicker matter, life is more convenient in every sense, things are being shown to us in a very precise way, and people are conforming to all of this because it’s the way things are happening at the time. Morals, ideals, and respect are 3 factors in life which are optional. You choose to have them or not. You make use of them, you somewhat make use of them, or you don’t. Those 3 concepts are key to one’s self esteem, self-respect, inner peace, appearance, attitude, and ethics.

Ask yourselves ladies…how much do you treasure yourself and how often do you use those 3 factors to portray your honor?


Why do people decide to follow a strict ethical lifestyle, an anarchist one, or just believe in nothing but science? Observing how commercialism works nowadays, the way to perform, act, and present on self is neither or all surprisingly. Ethics can be tied to religion, not always, but it does somewhat have something to do with a spiritual faith, commitment to a certain “correct” way of doing things. Which is fine, it keeps people on a leveled state of mind, a “safe zone” for respect sake. Anarchy is the idea of doing whatever you want whenever you want. Free will at no cost or limits. Ideally it doesn’t work because chaos within a population ends up to an end of everything, no structure to maintain a functional environment. If you like to be all out and crazy, it’s fun yes, but is it functional in a family oriented place? How about to try to make a functional household? There’s the Atheist lifestyle. Living off basic facts and science to explain why mc=squared and why you breath air and need water. There’s no say in that equation why you fall in love or why you feel happy or sad. Speaking of how commercialism portrays what we should be: people are so vulgar, sex is always something that sells, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are being shown as something common in society so you see consumption of it frequently on T.V/movies. Value of a woman’s existence downgraded because of all the vulgarity over exposure mainstream portrays for the audience. It’s not bad, just revealing…really its intentions. If it’s to look feminine to a certain extreme, alright, but if it’s sex in a nutshell then not so much. Morality is still used by commercialism to keep the consumer (us) believing that all of the above is acceptable if it’s legal or seen often. The consuming of drugs alcohol and tobacco is more accessible than it was before so it is more revealing. In conclusion, marketing are making it more acceptable for consumer world. People will purchase more to live this lifestyle, all around seen as “fun and youthful” on the latest Hollywood movie. Though not all people see this, it’s actually a method to only sell an image for the consumer world.

Women, do you want to be another number taking part in these statistics?

Women and the Naked Body

Eve was, supposedly, the first woman to walk naked in this world with no negative consciousness about it. Her graceful beauty kept her confident until “temptation” took it all away. She was punished and revealing her natural bare body…who she truly was covered. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we were unconscious about how naked we were? Just a body of a woman? Universally?

(Writing from experience but also from observations)

Women are always being targeted. All women love to feel beautiful, comfortable, accepted, loved, appreciated, respected, and acknowledged. Doesn’t everyone? Women are used as icons for all mediums: Fashion, advertising, propaganda, mothers, house wives, all womanly duties included, and feminity. Only there is no law or rule stating that all women should be all of the above or act and look of what’s expected of her. Men degrading a woman’s existence. She’s a this..she’s a b*, oh that h*… seems like the whole alphabet is recited with negative derogations. A woman deserves all the respect in the world, no matter how bad or innocent she is. She gives birth. A woman’s ability to take action and share opinions in the world happened less than 100 years ago. A woman has all the right to feel and do as she pleases. There’s nothing sweeter than a confident and powerful woman.

A woman and her naked body it’s just as natural as a flower needing water. You can’t deny its existence. It lies beneath a hidden idea, beauty, shapes, forms, structure, detailed in many humanly and feminine ways. Every woman has the right to expose what she wants. It’s not bad to walk around exposing womanly legs or arms. Morals exist to set standards or to set some sort of a respectful boundary. It’s to keep it safe for people to feel comfortable around each other. That’s not bad. Exposure and face it, a woman loves to get some sort of attention. Beauty should be seen and always appreciated. Anything that is “ugly” has its own respected beauty as well. Think deeper than what’s literal (seen physically) because then you start finding meaning in everything. Woman from size 0 to 12 has all the want to and feeling to be beautiful. They all have the right to as well. The woman and her naked self is beautiful. Metaphorically, symbolically, and physically in all aspects. The woman and her naked body is only natural. There’s nothing wrong with it, only there should always be a balance of how much to expose or when to expose at a nude level. Either way nothing wrong with it. Treasure it. Indulge it. Ladies respect yourself. Don’t sell yourselves. Give you and your body value. Don’t downgrade it for attention. Keep you place as a smart woman and only use your nudity to share a passion, love, connection, romance, communication, body language, with someone who deserves to see it and feel it. Our bodies are temples. So keep them sacred!

The author: Erika Vanessa Ponce aka Verbsus, 22 years old
http://www.flickr.com/photos/zeroheroin / verbsus.tumblr.com
All my life I’ve been told that my rebellious actions and “bad” and “aggressive” attitude are too much for the world to handle. All I can say is that I am a woman full of opinions and confusion., Many things don’t make sense to me, and I try to make sense of it by just being who I am because that’s seriously the only thing that does make sense to my head. I’ve never failed to be the best at that. I love to dance, been doing since I began to walk. I have an obsession with dimensions, geometrical figures, bold colors, nonsense, seam work, runway models, clothing making, concept thinking, documenting, facilitating, idea making, observing, and creating. Potential fashion designer, working very hard to entrepreneur an independent line of work. A petite curvaceous Latina woman. I love meeting new people, different cultures, and traveling. If you have something nice to say, or mean to say I really don’t care, get at me, let’s talk!

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