An Interview with Francesca Romoli: The Nude, the Crude and Art

Hello to all.
My name is Francesca Romoli and I’m a model-alt-concept, painter Italian actress. From a young age I found a lot of satisfaction and attraction to the various arts, which was routed by my father and by some people I met during my journey.

Francesca Romoli's face

What is your relationship with the “nude body”?

I discovered the beauty of the naked body and being naked at the age of 23 years or so and here I abandoned all modesty. I’m not ashamed of it and neither are my parents but they would feel uncomfortable if I was naked in their home. They have a lot of shame because of their deep-rooted heritage and wrong, but being naked is natural. We are born naked and our clothes should serve only to shelter us from the cold. Equally, I do not feel any embarrassment at being naked in front of photographers, friends, a theater audience, strangers, etc., I could turn round naked in the street.

You paint and perform live theater. How do you perceive the nude in fine art and in theater? Is there a difference?

I love painting abstract woman’s naked bodies. The final naked woman is so much more interesting than the man.
In the theater it is completely different. It is your body that is naked. It personally gives a sense of power when you are “stark” naked. I perceive myself paradoxically stronger in spite of my imperfections.

FR reaching

In theater (specifically commercial theater) there is a lot of pressure placed on the body image of the female gender? How does this affect the way you perceive your own body?

It can be disastrous if you are not sure of yourself, for some plaintiffs may be appropriate to make a self-training before performing, nude or dressed.
The problem with the nude in the theater, in my opinion, is that it is very inflated and may seem free, but people get bored and instead of reflecting on the meaning of being naked in a scene they concentrate on finding defects.

Francesca Romoli lying down

In theater, what is a nude with sexual context and what is a nude without sexual context?

It’s completely different. I cannot remember having starred in a piece where there was an explicit sexual context. But it is an experience that I would like to do to measure myself with this issue.
The “Living Theatre”, which is the company to which I belong, rises to the naked as a function of protest in the past and often today as a symptom of desolation and loneliness. As humans we come into the world alone, stark naked, and we are not anyone. This is the feeling that reminds me of the overture of “Green terror,” a sociological treatise created and produced by Gary Brackett for Living Theatre Europe. Then, it also happened that at the end of the shows, to let off steam and download, we were to undress and start to dance naked involving members of the public. More or less adhered to, however, are not shocked at all.
I remember that in Bruxelless, some of us had invited 3 guys in North Africa to see the show at the end when we stripped naked. They looked at us with a bit of surprise and admiration, not with sexual intentions towards girls. The women in their country cannot dare so much and for these 3 guys it was a real discovery to ascertain that in Europe there are conditions in which women can participate and show their naked body.
FR white sweater

What does the “artistic” nude mean to you and how does she differ from the nude?

The artistic nude refers to a concept that normally cannot get into anything with naked in and of itself. We can say that the nude in art is conceptual, not an end in itself but more or less deeply rooted in the intention of the person who executes it. The nude is rather like nature with self-awareness and the body itself acts as a filter. Have you ever tried to sit naked on a beach or in a forest and to do so instead dress only in a bikini or underwear? Change perception completely!

You talked about how the “nude and crude” (photography of sadomasochism) impressed you? Can you explain more about your opinion on this concept?

More precisely, I talked about the masterpiece “Seven Meditations on sadomasochism political” spouses’ Beck.
There is a real scene of sadistic torture that sooner or later I would like to incorporate in a concept photo.
The sadomasochism has deep ancestral roots culturally. What I observed in the context of photography, especially in Italy, is basically low cultural level in my opinion.
I find this neither impressive nor interesting. Everything requires meticulousness when dealing with such a sensitive subject.

Naked Back FR

Do you think that this concept of “nude and crude” can be considered exploitation? Especially when the crude acts are done to the “weaker” “less masculine” nude female?

No, I do not think that at all. I think that with nudity you can only acquire great strength, the recovery of their physicality. But you must be prepared, as I said before, a person, woman or man who is sure of himself, and this does not mean to feel “beautiful.” It is perhaps connected to the cultural habits also hypocritical can experience serious discomfort with nudity.

FR butt

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