What is exploitation of the nude human body and when does it come into play?
I believe as artists we come across this question every day, and we have to ask ourselves if whatever it is we are dealing with exploitation of our beliefs or art?  It is a fine line that artists such as you or I walk repetitively throughout our lives and careers deciding for ourselves the answer.  And it is a vital one that needs answering because it affects our work as artists and the world that we live in as humans.

The purpose for this project is creating questions through the art of comparison and opinion.  I have come together with Anna Utopia Giordano, who has agreed to be my mentor for this project, in order to gather various artists to join in on comparing the nudes of history.  We want to gather different opinions and perspectives on the topic of the human nude because there is so much to be said.

We want artists to come together to create an artistic team that researches and uncovers the intention behind the human body in dance, literature, photography, film, music, theater, media and many other art forms that can be compared, contrasted and questioned.  Which forms stand by the idea that “sex sells” and which forms don’t?

We can let the public decide as we uncover nude forms that are the same but yet so different. All of the research for Naked Truths will be presented in a gallery opening in June that showcases our research, art, and performances that has been inspired by this project.  Be a part of uncovering the different meanings of the human nude and let your opinions be voiced and heard.

Bianca S. Mendoza


First of all I thank Bianca S. Mendoza for contacting and involving me with the project Naked Truths.  I am sure that this will be an amazing journey around the concept of the body.  Maybe it will be hard as all trips in more or less “wild” areas, but you will see many interesting things.

(Is the body a wild territory?)

A few words about me…
In the last years, through all my activities I’m pursuing an  interesting personal research on the role of the body and the connection between thought and action.  This is not my only area of research but it is one of the most recurring, writing poems, acting, posing as a photo model, live performances, creative social and conceptual projects: all of this has spontaneously led me to think about  the body and my relationship with it.  And as much as I try to develop a clear opinion about it I am promptly disrupted by new collaborations that make me know new aspects of the human mind and body.  This is why my idea about these topics is constantly changing and, in this context, I prefer not to give a precise explanation of what I think about it and instead I prefer to share with you a few questions:

Why do you think what you think?
Why do you do what you do?
How and how much are thought and action connected?
What does it mean to “control” the body?
Be & Appear: where are the limits?
How are stereotypes and myths constructed? And would humans be able to live without them?
How much influence do the media and education have in our relationship  with ourselves?

Anna U. Giordano


At what point in human history did women and her female nude divert themselves from one another? From the meso-era to the neo-renaissance, the image of the female nude what not only celebrated, it was admired. There was a certain reverence the female nude evoked; a certain divine power. The look of the female nude was proof that god, in whatever form, was a power within. These notions of the female and her nude have metamorphosed themselves, in our contemporary culture.

As we embark on our journey to discover the TRUTH behind the female and her nude reuniting the two to symbiotically from, Woman.