5 Questions to Gualberto Alvino

Gualberto Alvino is an italian philologist, literary critic and writer. Naked Truths had the opportunity to ask him 5 questions. Enjoy the reading!

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An Interview with Alfonso Lentini: words, world and the “bite of things”

Interview with Alfonso Lentini, an Italian writer and artist, about his vision of the body and his latest book “Luminosa signora, lettera veneziana di amore ed eresia” (Bright Lady, venetian letter of love and heresy) (Pagliani, 2011).

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An interview with Charo Galura

Charo Galura is an Italian model and singer. In this interview she talks about the body, advertising and photography: “So if we have to look on a human body on a picture, a movie or what else, our considerations must be read on an anthropological perspective – implied that I’m talking about a “body anchored to a language”. And for the body is communication, I may say that it is a means of freedom to express the self or to express a specific concept.”

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